Deep water solo and Cliff jumping

From EUR 40

Inspired by the numerous questions where to do some cliff jumps from the young population we found a solution: Cliff jumping and deep water soloing! Take a ride with us to Kasjuni cliffs, try different jumps from 2 to 10m height and then climb out from the sea to do some more! Deep water soloing (DWS) is a discipline where the climber climbs from the sea level without any climbing gear except shoes that we provide you with. Any wrong move and you are back in the water. This discipline gives you an adrenaline rush and great fun. Climbs range from really easy to difficult ones and jumps vary from 2 to 10m height.

From EUR 40

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As the guide pick you up in the Split city center, we have some 10min drive to secret location of the Kasjuni cliffs. After a short brief, safety talk and finding a right size climbing shoes for each, we start with small jumps and easy climbs. After a while you can choose if you want to climb harder routes or do the heigher jumps! This is great activity if you like climbing out the cliffs and if you like cliff jumps! This tour is full of excitement and fun. After the tour driver will take you back to the city center.


-Cliff jumps from 2-10m height

-Great fun and adrenaline rush

-New experience climbing above the sea

-Beautiful location



  1. Split