Basic Canyoning Tour

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Canyoning on Cetina river

Canyoning on the river Cetina is the best adventure trip you can find in this area. The canyon is situated near the village of Zadvarje in the countryside of Omiš. In some places, canyon cliffs rise up to 180 meters of height. The canyon has two levels which are separated with the biggest waterfall on river Cetina called Velika Gubavica with the impressive height of 50 meters. The canyon which length is 2 km is characterised by extraordinary lateral limestone cliffs that form it. Its bottom is covered by amazing rock shapes that the river has been forming through the thousand years in which special place have crystal clear pools and numerous rapid slides.

Basic Canyoning

Adventure for everyone! Basic canyoning is the combination of walking, hiking, sliding down the rapids, swimming in crystal clear natural water pools, walking through the tunnels and swimming under the highest waterfall on river Cetina. Also, includes some cliff jumps (they are optional). The guide provides you with wetsuits, life vests and helmets and you are ready to set off for an adventure of your life! All you need for this trip is a swimsuit, some kind of sports shoes, adventure spirit and you are ready for the expedition!

Discover hidden corners by exploring the canyon!

Trip duration: 3-4 hours
Price includes: Professional licensed guide, wetsuit, and helmet, life vest and insurance.

Tips: Bring swimming suit, towel, running shoes (not flip flops or beach shoes), and clothes to change in later. Eat well for breakfast, and you can take some snacks with you for after canyoning tour.

From EUR 60

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Basic Canyoning is a combination of walking, hiking, swimming in the clear water pools, jumping from rock to rock, sliding down small rapids, walking through the tunnels carved into the earth and enjoying the highest waterfall on the river Cetina.

While doing Extreme or Adventure Canyoning you will have a more intense experience of the Cetina river and canyon which includes abseiling from 55 m cliffs adjacent to the highest waterfall on the river, cliff jumps (optional for those brave enough), followed by more abseiling towards the exit of the canyon which offers a breathtaking bird’s eye view for those more adventurous.

Canyoning tours operate from May to the end of September. We provide you with all the necessary Canyoning gear which includes neoprene wet suits, jackets,life vests, helmets and if choosing Extreme Canyoning all certified abseiling gear.

Every day we have an organized shuttle bus from the meeting point in the city of Split, which you can find on the map we have provided you on our website. If you are coming with your own vehicle you may come directly to our meeting point in Zadvarje village (all instructions and directions are available on the site

For Canyoning tour we pick up clients from Split and then we have a 45-55min drive to Zadvarje village.

When we get to equipment storage, our Certified Guides give you instructions and provide you with all the Canyoning gear. It’s crucial to listen to our guides so you don’t miss anything.

Once all members of the party are equipped for action we have a 2 min drive to the start point of our Canyoning adventure. Guides dispense final Instructions and safety protocols and our expedition is ready to hike down the canyon.

After some 10 min of hiking down the trail we are coming to the bottom of the canyon where the river Cetina has been forming awe inspiring rock landscapes and crystal clear pools both which have been developing under the watchful eyes of Mother Nature and Father Time.

Upon checking out the equipment, our waterside segment of our Canyoning tour can commence. Walking, swimming through pools and lakes, hiking from rock to rock and sliding down the rapids we make our way to the tunnels which take us to the highest waterfall on the river Cetina called Velika Gubavica with its impressive height of 50m.

After a short break for swimming, cliff jumping or simply soaking up the sun we proceed to the second part of the canyoning journey.


Towards the end of the cliffs, there is an easily accessible mouth meaning no difficult climbing is required. Our driver will be waiting for us and we are ready to return to our homes or the city happily tired from the exciting as well as breathtaking scenery and thrill packed activities of our Canyoning tour!



Iris Adventures team


200 meter deep river canyon

Crystal clear water pools

Swimming under 55m waterfall

Cliff jumps

Rapid slides




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